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Founded by Jared Richmond

At the heart of Richmond stands Jared Richmond, a visionary with a profound journey in the world of fitness and Olympic Weightlifting. A former Olympic hopeful, Jared's aspirations were temporarily halted by an injury that sparked a new direction. Undeterred, he transformed setback into opportunity, founding a dedicated gym tailored for weightlifters and CrossFit enthusiasts. With a wealth of experience as a fitness coach and weightlifting consultant, Jared's expertise drives Richmond's commitment to excellence

Our Products

Designed to push the limits

Dissatisfied with generic products flooding the market, Jared recognized the need for specialized wrist wraps and belts. Ones that, actually, provide the support that is needed for rigorous training of athletes around the world. Amidst a sea of companies producing a myriad of fitness gear, Richmond emerged as a beacon of specialization, focusing solely on perfecting wrist wraps and belts. Years of meticulous refinement ensued, collaborating closely with engineers, leather suppliers, and athletes to create a revolutionary line. Every element, from leather selection to stitching precision, underwent scrutiny, resulting in a product that transcends industry norms. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, with feedback resonating overwhelmingly positive.

Trusted By Professionals

professional grade wrist wraps and belts

Richmond's impact reverberates across the spectrum of athleticism, as our products have been used and recommended by numerous National Champions, World Champions and Olympians. Names such as Holley Mangold, Jordan Cantrell, Wes Kitts, Rachelle Leblanc-Bazinet, Meredith Alwine, Kelly Wild, Craig Ritchey and Solfrid Koanda stand a top the long list of incredible athletes that have trusted in the Richmond brand. The allure of our wrist wraps and belts is multi-faceted: unparalleled support, impeccable quality, lasting durability, and a classic design. These endorsements stand as testaments to Richmond's unwavering pursuit of perfection. At Richmond, we don't just craft products; we engineer tools that enable and empower weightlifters to reach their potential. Our narrative is one of determination, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to athletes worldwide. Experience the transformational power of gear designed by those who live and breathe the world of weightlifting – experience Richmond.